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July 21, 2023

With the popularization of LED lamps and lanterns, they are widely used in various fields, but sometimes it is found that the LED lights flicker when they are working. Why does this happen? Will the flickering of lamps affect people's health?

First of all, the main factors that affect the flickering of LED lights are as follows:

1. The connection between the wire and the lamp is loose or damaged

Connection between LED and power supply or controller. A loose or damaged connection may cause the LED to blink. This could be caused by improper manual handling of the LEDs when they are connected to the power supply or controller. If more than one light is flashing at the same time, the panel or connection point may be loose and need to be retightened.

2. Lamps and dimmers are not compatible

If your LED light is using the dimming function, but the LED light flickers when it is working, please check whether the following dimmers are not compatible with the LED light, or whether the dimmer can meet the minimum load requirements, because this may cause you LED light blinks. So when you need to use a dimmer, you should choose a suitable dimmer to ensure that the dimmer is compatible with the LED lamp and meets the minimum load requirements.

3. Unstable power supply

If the voltage or current supplied by the power supply is unstable, the quality of the power supply itself is not good or the load of the power supply exceeds its carrying capacity, it will affect the normal operation of the LED lamp.

4. Low quality lamps

The design and manufacturing quality of lamps will directly affect the performance and stability of LED lamps. If low-quality lamps have no effective heat dissipation design, unstable power connection or poor connection, and low-quality circuit design or components, the stability of LED lamps will be affected, resulting in flickering of LED lamps.

Will the flickering lights have an impact on our health? The answer is yes, most notably eye fatigue, where constant viewing of flickering light sources can be tiresome and uncomfortable for the eyes, and may cause headaches or eye discomfort. And LED flickering can cause the lighting environment to appear unstable and uncomfortable. This could affect people's work and activities in such an environment. Therefore, when the lamps flicker, the lamps should be repaired or replaced in time.

Are the lights you are using flickering? Are there any of the above factors?

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