Do LED Lights Attract Bugs? | LEDRHYTHM

July 25, 2023

Do LED Lights Attract Bugs?

LED lights generally attract fewer insects than traditional incandescent or fluorescent lights, but not completely. Because insects are very sensitive to the brightness of light. Brighter light sources are generally more likely to attract insects. Therefore, relatively brighter fixtures with dimmer LED lights may also attract fewer insects.

Why do lights attract bugs?

The reason why light attracts insects is that most insects have unique eyes. They usually navigate their way forward based on moonlight. The light source of outdoor LED lamps makes insects make wrong judgments, so they will be attracted to lamps. Although LED lamps emit light directly through electrons, without the heat radiation of traditional bulbs, LED lamps will generate heat when they work, which is also a reason for attracting bugs. Compared with cold, they prefer a warm environment around the lamps.

What color of light won't attract bugs? What color of light attracts bugs?

What color lights attract bugs and what kind of lights don’t attract bugs? According to experiments, bugs are more sensitive to ultraviolet (UV) and blue light, so UV and blue light are usually more likely to attract bugs, followed by white, yellow and green, because bugs’ eyes are not sensitive to red, so they are almost unattractive.

Why can LED lamps from LEDRHYTHM reduce bugs?

Each lamp of Ledrhythm is designed by a number of professional lighting designers. The lamp body is made of strong and durable materials with good heat dissipation effect, and the appearance conforms to the maximum heat dissipation structure design. The combination of the two makes the heat dissipation of the lamp achieve the best effect; because blue light is more attractive to insects, the light source of Ledrhythm lamps adopts low blue light processing technology, which can effectively reduce the radiation and output of ultraviolet (UV) and blue light in LED lamps, and can effectively avoid attracting more insects.

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