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August 09, 2023

There are many types of LED lights (high bay lights, flood lights, high mast lights...) used in various fields (industry, sports, ports, airports), but what should we do when our lights are not working? What are the reasons that affect the LED lights not working? First of all, in the case of LED floodlights not working, you can troubleshoot the problem, find out the cause, and solve it to ensure the normal operation of the lighting effect.

Why is my LED light not working?

1. Power supply: Check whether the power supply is normal. Because sometimes the power plug may not be plugged in, or there may be an interruption in the circuit that prevents the light from working, so make sure that the outlet and switch are working properly.

2. Driver: LED lights usually need a driver to control the current. Driver failure may cause the lamp to not work properly. You can use professional testing tools to check whether the voltage and current output by the driver are within the normal range. If the voltage or current is abnormal, the driver may be faulty. You can also check whether the connection between the driver and the LED lamp bead is firm. Make sure the cable connections are plugged in correctly and are not loose or disconnected.

3. Environment: Extreme high or low temperature may cause the electronic components of the LED lamp to overheat and not work properly. In outdoor environments, high humidity may cause corrosion and damage to electronic components, so it is also necessary to ensure that LED luminaires are waterproof and moisture-proof.

What are the advantages of LEDRHYTHM?

Maintenance of lamps is a time-consuming and labor-intensive task. When we install LED lamps, we should first consider how to reduce the damage of lamps during use.

First of all, more than 30 optical engineers of LEDRHYTHM will formulate suitable lighting solutions according to the customer's application site, because when selecting and installing LED lamps, environmental factors need to be fully considered. According to different usage scenarios, choose suitable LED lamps. For special environments, such as marine or industrial fields, it may be necessary to choose LED lamps with higher protection levels and environmental resistance. In high-temperature environments, high-temperature resistant lamps need to be selected to ensure that they can still maintain normal working effects under harsh conditions.

Secondly, LEDRHYTHM lamps are made of international brands no matter the lamp body material, accessories materials, and drivers, so it is rare for lamps to fail to work due to the quality of the lamps.

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