What issues need to be considered in professional cold storage lighting? | LEDRHYTHM

August 25, 2023
What issues need to be considered in professional cold storage lighting? | LEDRHYTHM

Cold storage is an indispensable place in today's society, and in a closed space, lighting is an integral part. Do we need to choose professional cold storage lighting professional lamps? Unprofessional lighting can bring those bad results?

First of all, we need to understand that cold storage lighting is not only a matter of providing visible light, but also related to work efficiency, safety and quality of goods. Professional cold storage lighting is a key factor in ensuring efficient, reliable and safe cold storage operations, while non-professional solutions can lead to difficult work, damaged goods and increased maintenance costs.

Advantages of professional cold storage lighting:

Low temperature resistance: The professional LED cold storage lighting system can maintain stable operation at extremely low temperatures and will not be affected by cold weather.

High Brightness and Uniformity: These systems provide bright, uniform lighting, ensuring that there are no shadowed areas throughout the cold storage, thereby reducing worker misuse.

Energy saving: Professional LED lighting usually has excellent energy efficiency, which can significantly reduce electricity consumption and reduce energy costs.

Long life: These lighting systems typically have a long life, reducing the frequency of maintenance and replacement and lowering operating costs.

Compliance with regulations: Professional cold storage lighting systems comply with industry and safety regulations to ensure the compliance of cold storage.

Protect the quality of goods: some goods are sensitive to light, improper lighting may lead to deterioration of goods quality, resulting in loss.

Reduced maintenance costs: Professional cold storage lighting systems typically last longer and cost less to maintain because you don't have to replace fixtures as often or fix faults.

Unprofessional cold storage lighting:

The use of unprofessional cold storage lights may not be able to withstand low temperatures and will cause frequent failures, resulting in unnecessary maintenance costs.

Lighting effects can be uneven, creating shadows and dark areas that increase operational risk for workers.

Light fixtures are often energy inefficient and can result in high energy costs.

May not meet safety standards and may pose a threat to staff and stored merchandise.

Advantages of LEDRHYTHM in cold storage lighting:

Professional cold storage environment simulation experiment instruments can make LEDRHYTH M products completely suitable for cold storage; professional optical engineers can simulate suitable cold storage lighting solutions according to the site; the workshop covering an area of 10,000+㎡ meets customer delivery time; dozens of projects With excellent experience, customers' projects can be delivered safely and efficiently.

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