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What is LED Airport Lighting?

LED airport lighting refers to the use of LED lamps to illuminate the runways, taxiways, aprons and other areas of the airport. Since the airport needs 24-hour uninterrupted operation, the requirements for lighting equipment are very high. As a kind of efficient, reliable, energy-saving and environmentally friendly lighting equipment, LED lamps are increasingly used in airport lighting.

In airport lighting, LED lamps usually have the advantages of high brightness, high color rendering index, low power consumption, and long life. In addition, LED lamps can also be intelligently controlled to adapt to the needs of different time and weather conditions by adjusting the light intensity and light color, improving the safety and efficiency of airport operations.

What should be paid attention to when purchasing LED airport lighting fixtures?

When purchasing LED airport lighting fixtures, you need to pay attention to the following points:

Luminous efficacy of lamps: Luminous efficacy refers to the ratio of light output power to the power of lamps, that is, the luminous flux per watt. When purchasing LED airport lighting fixtures, it is necessary to pay attention to whether its light efficiency has reached the industry standard, usually above 100lm/W, to ensure its high efficiency and energy saving.

Color rendering index: Airport lighting needs to have a good color reproduction effect to ensure that pilots can accurately identify the signs of the runway and apron when landing, thereby improving operational safety. Therefore, it is necessary to choose LED lamps with a high color rendering index, usually requiring a color rendering index of more than 80.

Color temperature: The color temperature of LED lamps needs to be selected according to different application scenarios. In airport lighting, it is necessary to choose a neutral white or natural white light source of about 4000K-5000K to achieve good lighting effects and visual comfort.

Waterproof level: Airport lighting equipment needs to have a high waterproof level to cope with harsh weather conditions and a large amount of water mist. Therefore, when purchasing LED airport lighting fixtures, it is necessary to pay attention to whether its waterproof level meets the requirements.

Supplier qualification and service: When choosing a supplier of LED airport lighting, it is necessary to pay attention to its qualification and service level, and choose a manufacturer with certain strength and reputation to ensure product quality and reliability of after-sales service.

What are the main advantages of apron LED lighting?

Compared with traditional metal halide lamps and other lamps, LED lamps for parking apron have the following main advantages:

Energy saving and high efficiency: LED lamps have higher energy conversion efficiency than traditional lamps, and can convert more electrical energy into light energy, so they can provide higher brightness lighting with lower energy consumption.

Long life: The life of LED lamps can usually reach more than 50,000 hours, which is much higher than that of traditional lamps, which means longer service life and less maintenance cost.

Good light color stability: The light color of LED lamps is stable and is not affected by changes in voltage and current, so the light color will basically not change within the service life.

Environmental protection and health: LED lamps do not contain harmful substances such as mercury, no ultraviolet and infrared radiation, and will not cause pollution and harm to the environment and human body.

Height adjustable: LED apron lights are designed with adjustable brackets, which can flexibly adjust the height of the lights according to needs to meet different lighting needs.

Adjustable color temperature: The color temperature of LED lamps can be adjusted according to needs, providing more comfortable and suitable lighting effects to meet the needs of different users.

What is the installation height of LED airport lighting?

The installation height of LED airport lighting usually depends on its application scenario. For example, the height of lamps installed on the edge of the runway or on the central line is generally 5 to 12 meters; the height of lamps installed above the taxiway or on the airport apron generally ranges from 6 to 15 meters.

Specifically, the installation height of airport lighting fixtures should be comprehensively considered based on various factors such as the height of the flight area, meteorological conditions, sunlight intensity, and the surrounding environment, so as to ensure that the light can cover the area that needs to be illuminated without affecting the flight. interference. Generally speaking, the installation height of LED airport lighting fixtures should be between 5 and 15 meters.

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