The cold knowledge that LED lamps must know - respirator

April 08, 2023
The cold knowledge that LED lamps must know - respirator

The cold knowledge that LED lamps must know - respirator

When it comes to LED lamps, people may pay more attention to issues such as heat dissipation, photoelectric conversion efficiency, and service life. Indeed, there are already a lot of introduction materials about these. However, some seemingly insignificant small devices sometimes play a pivotal role. Respirator, that's it! Small, unobtrusive, but indispensable!

LED lamp shades are affected by ambient temperature, internal and external temperature difference, internal and external pressure difference, dust, dirt and moisture, etc., which will damage the performance of the lamp to a certain extent, and the internal and external pressure difference will damage the sealing parts of the lamp. When the lamp is lit, most of the electric energy of the LED lamp is converted into heat energy, and the internal temperature of the lamp body gradually rises, resulting in an increase in the air pressure in the lampshade, forming a greater pressure on the inner wall of the lamp body cavity. When the lamp is turned off, generally a certain negative pressure will be formed in the cavity of the lamp body. All of the above phenomena will damage the structure of the lamp and reduce the service life of the lamp.


The pressure balance inside and outside the shell is maintained by continuous ventilation. A respirator is installed on the lamp body, which can quickly balance the pressure inside and outside the shell when the ambient temperature and pressure change, and reduce the pressure on the lamp body and internal parts. Not only that, the respirator design of LED lamps is waterproof and can remove fog at the same time, avoid condensation, and improve the service life of LED lamps.

Respirator, also known as waterproof breathable valve, is an accessory for high-power LED lamps. It combines the waterproof and breathable membrane with plastic, metal, silica gel and other materials through injection molding, ultrasonic welding, interference fit and other forms to form an airtight installation part.

The respirator maintains the pressure balance between the inside and outside of the casing through continuous ventilation. At the same time, it is waterproof and dustproof, and can effectively protect the casing from the negative impact of the pressure difference caused by temperature changes on the casing.

To summarize the main functions:

1: Effectively block water, salt and other corrosive liquids, so that the sensitive parts of the equipment can be safely exposed to the outside.

2: After contact with water, oil and other liquids, it can quickly restore breathability.

3: The dense and uniform distribution of micropores can effectively block dust while being waterproof and breathable.

4: Balance the pressure, prevent the air and moisture around the sealing parts from entering the body, and protect the integrity of the seal.

5: Protect components from weather and withstand immersion in water and other liquids.

6: Make the protected parts easy to clean, free from corrosive pollutants, and ensure the performance and service life of the parts.

7: Anti-UV, with strong chemical inertness, resistant to extreme temperature.

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